Contra Costa County Flood Control District

Barb helped Contra Costa County Flood Control District prepare for two important battles: first, the fight to ensure public safety, and second, the struggle to achieve long-term funding.


Frameworks Rebranded agency and created campaign to inform public how to prepare for storms, avoid flooding and stay safe.

SERVICES PROVIDED Outreach, Public Education and Participation, Event Planning, Materials Development, Promotions and Media

Date 2015-2016

project description

Barb was asked to help the Contra Costa County Flood Control District, which serves 1 million people in 17 cities in the East Bay, to remind the public of the serious dangers presented by the flood channels during storm seasons. The message was particularly urgent in view of past fatalities in the channels, and the onset of the heaviest storms anticipated in decades.

Barb helped rebrand the Flood Control District’s public image and created a print and web-based information campaign to inform the public about how to prepare for storms, avoid flooding and stay safe. She also helped bring considerable media attention to the safety issue by involving local middle school students in a Stay Out, Stay Alive! campaign.

In addition, Barb helped the Flood Control District leadership brand their ONE-WATER Future Funding Plan and prepare legislative packets for officials in Sacramento, as part of a lobbying efforts to secure a more permanent source of funding for the District’s ongoing and long-range operational and facility needs.