Dublin San Ramon Services District

Barb helped a water and waste-water agency recalibrate the conversation after enduring a PR nightmare, turning what was initially viewed as a major strategic mistake into public policy that eventually gained praise for its foresight.


Frameworks Quelled concern regarding recycled water through series of measures including public input, neighborhood meetings, and open communication.

SERVICES PROVIDED Outreach, Crisis Management, Public Education and Participation, Event Planning, Materials Development, Promotions

Date 2000-2007

project description

One of the first projects Barb was assigned as the new Director of Public Affairs at Morrison & Associates, Inc. was to help turn around the nasty public perception of a water recycling program, which had unfortunately been dubbed “toilet-to-tap” by its detractors. Barb’s work with the Dublin San Ramon Services District and the community it serves turned things around, demonstrating that bold leadership and open communications can help you weather any storm and can help resolve even the most serious public issues.

Barb worked with the District for several years after that helping broaden its reach within the community, gain widespread support and even accolades for its forward-thinking approach to water recycling, and also meet its portion of the communications and education goals set by the Tri-Valley water and waste-water suppliers.