Zone 7 Outreach

Barb turned Zone 7 Water Agency’s Communications Program from a nascent seedling into a full-fledged, multi-tiered outreach program reaching thousands each year with important information regarding water supply, water service and flood protection.



Frameworks From scratch, built a full library of well-designed, effective outreach materials and an annual calendar with ten public events.

SERVICES PROVIDED Outreach, Public Education and Participation, Event Planning, Materials Development, Promotions and Media

Date 1999-2017

project description

Barb worked with the Zone 7 Water Agency for nearly 20 years, serving during that time as adjunct director of communications through their contract with Morrison & Associates Inc. During that time, she created mailers, handouts, giveaways, banners, signs, displays and fact sheets that were germane and purposeful. Over the years, Barb did everything from run a Speakers Bureau for water agency executives, to design and sometimes staff event booths. She also planned and led workshops on Conservation and Water-wise Gardening; worked with local nurseries and garden centers to promote drought-tolerant choices; represented the agency to the Livermore Wine industry and other stakeholder groups; and orchestrated dozens of Earth Day celebrations, ribbon-cuttings and site tours. She even helped lead the team that built a parade float to commemorate the Agency’s 50th Anniversary.

Barb also represented Zone 7 Water Agency at the Alameda County Clean Water Program, serving on the Public Information and Participation sub-committee for over 15 years. The Clean Water Program is one of several such programs surrounding the San Francisco Bay tasked with teaching the public how to reduce stormwater pollution. The committee Barb served on was responsible for reaching an audience of 1.6 million Alameda County residents. During that time, she provided valuable input and direction as the committee’s only standing member who was also a practicing PR professional.