Barbara Kusha, President

Barb is the president and founder of Kusha Communications and serves as Head of Team on all projects. Barb has helped dozens of clients and brings to each new project a wealth of information, years of experience and innovative ideas.

Barb grew up in Minneapolis, went to college in Wisconsin and graduated from UW-Madison. She began her career in Chicago working as a communications consultant to several City Departments, non-profit organizations and private enterprises. During her tenure in Chicago, she worked on numerous important issues of the day, including the first World AIDS Day and early outreach related to the disease. She was also integrally involved with affordable housing issues and early childhood education. Along the way, she helped organize some amazing events and worked with many incredible people.

After arriving in California, Barb turned her focus primarily to environmental issues. She served as Director of Public Affairs for Morrison & Associates, Inc. for nearly 20 years, helping several clients with pressing water-related issues, before launching her own communications consulting agency.


The Kusha Communications Team

Barb pulls together a team customized to each client’s needs, drawing on local talent wherever possible. She employs the creative capabilities of graphic designers, webpage builders, and other support staff, as needed. This allows Kusha Communications to run lean and mean, and only staff-up as workflow demands. This also keeps overhead down and lowers costs.